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Car Mats 2 Fit

1st February 2012

Finding the best set of car mats 2 fit your vehicle is not quite as easy as it sounds. The Car Mat Shop provides tailor made car mats 2 fit your vehicles foot well perfectly. There are a variety of …

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Car Mats Direct

29th January 2012

We manufacture custom made mats and sell our car mats direct to the public at a cost effective price. If you choose to buy your car mats direct, you will have a very wide choice of carpet qualities and colours. …

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Your Car Parts

29th January 2012

Finding your car parts online can be as easy as just a few clicks of the mouse. But you may not find what you need straight away due to the endless amounts of product options and choice. If your car …

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Cheap Car Mats

23rd January 2012

Looking for a set of cheap car mats that wont break the bank? The Car Mat Shop offers an extensive range of low budget or cheap car mats at a cost effective price. Our cheap car mats provide protection from …

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Car Mats 4 U

22nd January 2012

The car mat shop has an outstanding range of car mats 4 U. Take your time and browse through our manufacturers to find that perfect set of car mats 4 U. Our custom made mats, complete with logo and trimmed …

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Car Mats for Girls

18th January 2012

If you’re looking specifically for Car Mats for Girls you’ve came to the right place. We offer a wide range of colours including red, pink and yellow, with fluffy edges and a logo of your choice. Our car mats for girls range will keep …

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Block Calls on Sky

29th December 2011

Block Outgoing Calls on Sky Telephone Lines Blocking outgoing calls on Sky telephone lines appears to be a major user requirement and concern. Whilst recently attending a customer’s property to install additional phone lines, we were asked the very same …

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

23rd December 2011

We would like to wish our visitors a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

Zero Tolerance On Drink Driving Over The Festive Period

15th December 2011

Zero Tolerance On Drink Driving Over The Festive Period Members of the public and young people in particular are being urged to take a zero tolerance approach to drink-driving this festive season to help prevent devastating Christmas tragedies. A survey …

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New Mercedes SL

15th December 2011

Mercedes has revealed its all-new SL, and the initials – which stand for sporty and lightweight – have never been more appropriate. The roadster is up to 140kg lighter than its predecessor, while new six and eight-cylinder engines are faster …

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